Pigtails and other bits..

I would just like to make a little apology for the little stories I retell. Although they are all a little trivial and rather silly they are indeed all true stories. Nonetheless I hope they do make you have a little chuckle. Here’s a little something that makes me happy. These are lovely ‘phizzy’ pig tails from M&S, a little treat from my friend Sara, and truly scrumptious they are!

The life cycle of a student’s attention span.

Alrighty folks. It’s term time coming up.. and that means lugging our lazy bums filled by festive delights. So this is a little something all of you with looming deadlines. I’m in the same boat. It’s a bumpy ride and you’ll get really sick of it at times but when you’re done, you’ve got that pesky bit of paper that says ‘Lookie here. I have a degree.’ You can use that to fund whatever it is that you’ve always really wanted to do, or go where you want.

(This little scrap was probably more suitable for the final panel..)

a little something for jen

This is the lovely jen. We studied together a few years ago. Here! is her lovely sketch blog. If you like a little gore, dinosaurs sipping tea, some slightly scary and very honest selfportraits as well as beautiful colours and a fantastic display of painting skill then clicky away!

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