Thanks Dad!!

This is the card I sent Daddy Pigface on Father’s day this year. I’ve been contemplating updating, but the layout here really bothers me but at the moment it will do. I’ve gathered so many stories, thanks to my lovely dad,  he is probably the funniest person I know.. without even trying… So I’ll be updating more regularly and sharing my stories of my Dad….




Sorry it’s been so long, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and thank you for dropping by!

To all of us, united by sleepless nights and never ending work..

A little doodle I sent to mew to wish him well, and then I completely forgot about it for two weeks. Work hard and good luck to you all!

If people hurt you…

(* translated from cantonese)

A little advice I got from Daddy Pigface today. To those I hurt without even being aware of it,  I’m sorry,  please don’t hold it in your heart.

Hello Everyone!

Xenopus has found a new friend.. which happens to be Mew Mew’s stripey jumper.

conversations with my father: choosing words carefully..

The lesson of this story is that one should probably consider what they say before saying it to begin with. I’ll never look at my motivational piggy the same way..

Deadline days

Deadline days once more..

Once again up very early in the morning,

(or should we say, never really slept at all),

listening to birdies tweet when the sky is still dark,

reciting some kind of incoherent blabberful blabbersome monologue

stringing together words that make little sense, like so

procrastinating, like so.

ooh time to gogogo!!


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well!

A while back I was approached by a lady called Charlotte who invited me to create a little something for a project called CAN! Create. CAN meaning Create Action Now for the Singapore Youth Olympic games 2010. The project encourages mixing in a bit of creativity into your everyday life,  little things, not necessarily artistic. Something as simple as maybe baking a cake.. you know a little something to spice up your everyday norm. It’s a little something we could all do more of.

Here’s my creative pledge. I hope to not be influenced by others and aspire to be my own pigself and create my own identity through my doodles here.

Head on over to CAN! Create for more pledges!

Thank you Charlotte, CAN! Create and YOU for showing interest in me and my stories.

D for..

To all my lovely readers. For the second week running I have failed to bring you your weekly dose of pork bloggyness. Sadly university work has taken its toll and sadly I am far from clever.. which is probably why I tell so many silly stories. I hope you are keeping well! Hopefully when it’s all over i’ll have a porktastic story for you. Trotters crossed!

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